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I picked up a FiiO E07K and have been using it as an equalizer for my SanDisk Clip+ to play though my car/headphones.


I'm curious as to what volume I should be choosing to avoid the possibility of distortion on the FiiO E07K.


Reading the manual for Rockbox: under section 6.1 states:



6.1. Volume
This setting adjusts the volume of your music. Like most professional audio gear and
many consumer audio products, Rockbox uses a decibel scale where 0 dB is a reference that indicates the maximum volume that the player can produce without possible
distortion (clipping). All values lower than this reference will be negative and yield a
progressively softer volume. Values higher than 0 dB are available and can be used to
raise the volume more than would otherwise be possible. These volume levels will ordinarily lead to distorted sound, but might work nicely for music that has an otherwise low
volume level. The volume can be adjusted from a minimum of -74 dB to a maximum
of +6 dB.


I have the Clip+ (with Rockbox installed) playing out at 0dB on the decibel scale, into the 3.5mm jack on the FiiO E07K. The E07K handles the bass boost and sends the audio out into my car stereo.
If it is true that high volumes distort the audio, what volume should the E07K be set to? I could turn it all the way up to 60, but then the volume on my car stereo would probably be rather low and the audio coming out would be distorted.