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Sennheiser HD515 vs HD 518

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I am really new to headphones and want to get into them more. I want to start with some low price but still good quality headphone. I am seriously looking at the HD515 (Last generation) and the HD518. I listen to a lot of house/progressive house music and some piano/instrumental music. I like the idea of open headphones but also do not want to annoy everyone around me with my "different" style of music. I like the HD515's because they are low priced on Amazon. I really like the removable cable on the newer ones though. 


Which Sennheiser headphones should I get? I am open to suggestions. I want to stick to Sennheiser for now though.


Thank you so much for your time and effort.  

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I don't own 515 but I have 518.
5x8 headphones share the same driver, but the housing is different.
but from what I've heard, 515 is much inferior than 518 ,also 515 doesn't share the driver with other 5x5 series headphones.
definitely the 518,but don't go for it because it's labeled "deep rich bass sound "and buy it.
otherwise it's a very good headphone, with recessed highs .
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I would just like to say THANK YOU very much! I think that is what I will end up doing. Any other responses are very much appreciated too though. Is there enough quality there to justify the extra $41.00 USD (HD518 $129.50 VS HD515 $88.95)  dt880smile.png

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as I said, I don't own 515,but I think it's worth it.
you get a better driver with 518, also used in the expensive 5x8 family, that is reassuring .,
and from what I've researched before buying my own, 518 is a huge improvement over 515.

an of course the better looks, I find it sexy
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Are they comfortable? Again Thank you! 

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very comfortable
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X2 on the 518's Super comfy, bass extension is quite nice.does not have the super deep pounding bass its labeled to have, its just got a nice smooth and warm sound. Clean all around.
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I will be getting the HD518's then. They sound like a nice entry to the world of headphones. 


Thank you for all of you help! I really do appreciate it! I will let you know how the turn out.


Thanks again! 

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Please do let us know how you like them smily_headphones1.gif
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I just purchased the HD518s off of Amazon today for a great deal, $105.00 with free shipping. :) I will let you know how I like them. If anyone could recommend a cheap external DAC with both USB and Optical/Coax that would be great. Also a good quality/gold plated 1/4" to 3.5 mm short cable/pigtail recommendation would be great.


thank you so much for your help! :)

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The 518 has a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter :p as for DACs, The E7 doesnt have coax, but it is a great external DAC and sounds great with the 518. It is also a pretty durned good amp :p

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Thank you so much I will probably get the E7 then. Looks great and low price. Then I wouldn't have to use the crap they built into my laptop :) I know it comes with a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, but I am looking for one with cable in the middle (6" or less) to reduce strain on the headphone jack, also gold plated would be good so it lasts a while.


thanks again the E7 looks like a perfect choice. 

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I got my 518 for $70 refurbished surprised in the quality of these even compared with the hd 600. I have an fiio e10 but it offers lower quality sound than my on board laptop sound. so i use my 518 with no amp. just thinking the e7 may not improve sound, but the bass boost does seem to add a bit of sound stage on the e10. i still perfer laptop sound without charger plugged it seems cleaner.
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Does anyone know of a cable with these specs? Right angle 3.5mm -> 1/4", about 6" long, and gold plated? I really like gold plating to match all of my other accessories (yeah I am a little...OK a lot OCD) and they last seem to hold a connection a tad longer. 


I found this cable but would only wish it was gold plated :)     http://www.amazon.com/Hosa-MHE100-5-Headphone-Adapter-Extension/dp/B000068O6B

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They sound absolutely awesome!!! Thank you everyone for your help! I have decided to just order the Sennheiser short cable, then I would not need an adapter. :)


Thanks again everyone! :)

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