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For Sale: Meier Audio Corda Prehead Mk 2 SE

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For Sale:
Meier Audio Corda Prehead Mk 2 SE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my Meier Audio Corda Prehead Mk 2 SE, 230V. Located in Melbourne, AUS.


I'm the third owner and it is in the exact condition as when I received it. During my ownership it has been benched in a clean office (university) environment. Unfortunately I've only had a chance to use it for a couple of hours per month for the past year. It has worked flawlessly for me and is in excellent condition - the only blemish is a small ding on the lower left corner, this was already there prior to my ownership.


I purchased this from a fellow HeadFier -


- 2 headphone outputs ( 0/120 Ohm output impedance ).

- Maximum output 13V / 800 mA.
- Gain switch. Maximum gain factors 6.5 / 19 dB.
- Variable crossfeed filter switch (no crossfeed / low / medium crossfeed)
-4 pairs of inputs.
-1 pair of volume-controlled preamplifier outputs.
-1 pair of passive bypass outputs on input pair 4.
-24-fold stepped attenuator by DACT for volume control.


The transformer was recently tested.


Also Selling GS1000 Headphones.

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For Sale: $380 (AUD)
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Price Drop.

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