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Looking for Headphones - Need your advice.

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Hi music lovers! 


I am in the market for a pair of full size headphones but have no idea where to start. To give some info for recommendations, these are for a birthday present and i have anywhere between $300-$500 to spend. I currently have a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEM's, that have taken a beating over the past 1.5 years as my earphones. I enjoy the sound that they put out and i have to admit i enjoy my bass! I mainly listen to electronic and RnB music with a bit of rock in between. Im going to be using them for commuting, uni and work, so hopefully they are well built.


Ive seen some good reviews on the Sony MDR-R1's but honestly thats a starting point! 


Im also 70% deaf in one ear, not that i notice it, but im not going to be able to pick out minor details in sound that most of you can hear. 


Thanks in advance for your help 



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If you're using your headphones on the go you'll want them to be closed, rather than open. The Sony MDR-1R's and Sennheiser Momentums are good portable options, but if you really want bass, the Ultrasone Pro 900's are great options for that. They're also quite durable and come with a carrying case. With the new price for them, you could get an amp like the Fiio E12 to make them sound better and still come in under budget.

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