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*NEW* MyTek Digital Stereo192-DSD DAC
$1595.00 Plus Free Shipping in the U.S.
Mytek Digital Stereo 192-DSD USB FW/DAC brings the Mytek sound and Mytek's DSD expertise to the new emerging market of computer music playback.  With unprecedented detail and accuracy, it's Mytek's best sounding and most advanced DAC to date.
Mytek Digital has been "Pioneering" in the "early years of digital" by building mastering grade converters for the New York City Recording Industry since 1992.
Mytek converters were used in many major releases of the last two decades such as David Bowie, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, B 52's, Madonna, and many others.
Mytek converters are known for accuracy and transparency, accurate smooth top end, defined midrange and tight bass.  From 2005, Mytek has worked with Sony's New York SACD launch campaign helping to develop DSD tools for SACD production.



Conversion: 32 bit, PCM up to 192k, 64xDSD, 128xDSD.
Dynamic Range: 128dB (ESS Sabre chipset in 8 mono to 2 stereo config.)  THD DAC: -110dB.
Digital Audio Inputs and Outputs:  Firewire 400/800 (up to 192k/DSD async), USB2.0 (up to 192k/DSD async), USB1.1 (up to 96k, sync, driverless).
Digital Audio Inputs: SPDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink all up to 192k single wire.  (64x and 128XDSD SDIF DSD interface in Mastering Version.)
Clock: Internal Clock Generator (10ps jitter) Wordclock In and Out, or sync to incoming digital audio input with JET (tm) PLL.  Time Domain Jitter Eliminator in the DAC module.
Internal Async Hardware Upsampling - 16bit 44.1k etc. can be optionally upsampled prior to conversion to 192k/24bit with clock jitter eliminated.
Transparent, 1dB stepped programmable analog attenuator, separate for main out and headphones.  Alternate digital attenuator.
Relay bypass of the attenuator for direct purist DAC out.
A pair of unbalanced RCA analog inputs for preamp functionality (assignable to volume control) (In Preamp Version.)
High current, High Slew Rate ultra low distortion 500mA hi-fi headphone amp.
Worldwide (user selectable) linear power supply.
Online downloadable firmware updates.
Ability of converting standard digital audio inputs into computer FW/USB input.
Two user assignable function switches (MUTE, MONO etc.)
DSD ASIO drivers for Win, DoP "DSD over USB" coding for all other playback software (Mac, Win, FW, USB2.0, AES, SPDIF)
Built in universal remote receiver.
audiophile quality conversion, 128dB, 192 kHz, DSD, 128xDSD 
32 bit Sabre DAC 
USB2.0 (async) and Firewire interfaces 
Standard AES, SPDIF, SDIF, WCK, optical ins/outs 
Audiophile quality high current headphone amplifier 
Precision programmable analog 1dB step attenuator 
Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs 
Built in upsampling to 192k feature w/ jitter reduction 
RCA unbalanced Preamp. Analog through. logo.png

Thank You.

Drew Baird, P.E. 
Moon Audio 
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Suite 204

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