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I am in the market for a higher end pair of Grados and a headphone amp. Currently I have a pair of 225is that I plan to sell.

After a couple years with the 225is i have definitely become a fan of Grado's but I would like to upgrade and have something a little less bright. I listen to a lot of electronic music (Lossless, through a computer and vinyl).

I have read a lot of reviews about the RS1i and the PS500 and after considerable thought realize I need to audition both. The problem is that that doesn't take into account how they will sound after a couple hundred hours and it also doesn't take into account my inevitable amp and source set up.

I really like everything I've learned about the ALO Pan Am amplifier and I wonder if anyone has thoughts about the Pan Am and both the RS1i and PS500. I am leaning toward the RS1i because of the wood and weight, and I wonder if I would get the best of both worlds with the RS1i and the Pan Am - Grado sound and the warmth of a Tube Amp.


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