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For Sale: Audio Technica - AD 700

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For Sale:
Audio Technica - AD 700

Will Ship To: Europe

Hello Head-Fiers!


Today I sell my beloved Ad 700, because I want to upgrade to a higher level open headphone.

These are in good condition, pads are in a good shape and there are no scratches on the headphones.

They sound typically like open headphones, you get a big soundstage, slightly pronounced highs which are the trademark of the AD series, neutral mids and slightly recessed bass.

The wearing comfort of these can be a problem for small heads, but it is easily fixed by the headband mod you can find here on Head-Fi.

If they sit right on your head, their comfort is really great.


I include the headphones and the matching 6,3 adapter, no original box.

Buyer pays shipping!

(Germany around 6,00 Euros, EU may be higher)

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Price drop to 70 Euros + shipping!

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Nobody interested?


Price drop to 60€ + shipping / 80$ + shipping!

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Can you show the mod?

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Originally Posted by matt1039lp View Post

Can you show the mod?
The mod is just using a rubberband to keep the two "wings" that rest on your head aligned.
you can find it on head fi as the "rubberband-mod" , and it clearly helps with comfort.
For more information: www.head-fi.org/t/505053/audio-technica-ath-ad700-fit-and-comfort-mod
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Thanks! My brother has these cans and loves them :)


I do recommend them to anyone who likes clear detailed highs/mids.  Great for gaming too.

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