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For Sale: SOLD: AKG K702 65th Anniversary

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For Sale:
SOLD: AKG K702 65th Anniversary

Will Ship To: USA


This is an interest check for my very much loved, and very reluctant to sell K702 65th Anniversary Edition.

Bought this amazing headphone on early January 2013. Serial #000935.

Selling simply because I now own the LCD2 (vegan version). I find the two too similar to justify owning both. That, and I need extra funds to fix my ridiculous car. If it wasn't for those two reasons, I would LOVE to keep these.

As some of you may know, the K702 Annie is basically my 3rd favorite headphone of all time, behind the D7000 and LCD2 (and better than the HE-4 and HE-400, IMHO). The K702 Annie is warm, smooth, and very well balanced, with very natural and rich bass, which hits quite hard when a song calls for it, but is neutral otherwise (compared to the older models which were slightly south of neutral), and non-fatiguing sound signature. Those who found the non-Anniversary models to be fatiguing in the upper mids, or bright, can relax, as these are much more pleasant.

The new, flat headband is much more comfy than the 'infamous' bumps of doom of the older models.

The new memory foam pads are very comfy, and form a better seal around the ears than the standard velour of the non-Annies.

These are getting rare to find for less than their MSRP now. PM me if interested.


Trust me when I say I would rather keep them, and wouldn't be sad if they didn't sell. But the extra money is necessary.
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PM sent.

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