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Indeed TA2021 volume knob noise

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Hey all,


I picked up an Indeed Class T Amp Tripath TA2021 from Peter on Ebay several months ago, and the device is great. Looks good, sounds good, plenty of power. It's everything I needed in an amp.


Lately I've noticed that I get some static/popping in the left channel when adjusting the volume knob -- it's not a terrible problem as it only happens when adjusting the volume, but it's annoying enough that I'd like to fix it.


From his page [link] the amp is using an Alps volume knob, is this likely the source of the problem? Is it worth opening the amp or should I get in touch with Peter first?


Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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My TRENDS PA-10 also has the same issue. Its the Alps volume pot used. Don't think we can count it as a defect unless theres channel imbalance. 

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I wonder if you covered the volume knob with some kind of rubber / silicon if that would solve the problem? 

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its usually the little brush that rides on the trace inside the pot. For some reason the brush breaks contact with the trace causing the noise. It probably needs to be replaced. I have had limited success with electrical contact spray on pots that do this.

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Soaked mine with 3m contact spray and it didn't do a darn thing lol

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A noisy pot is usually a sign of wear in  the conductive material/carbon/plastic. A popping noise is indicative of too much pressure being used on the shaft causing slight bending so making the brushes make  intermittent contact with the conductive material.

I am surprised to hear ALPS components making faulty parts only faulty ones I have ever came across have been dropped or mishandled -good company-

These faults are common in cheap volume controls.

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For the price this amplifier goes for, I'd be very surprised if the potentiometer was a genuine alps. It may be worth it to buy a genuine one to replace the defective one.


It looks like an RK09712, which is 2$ on Mouser. Just don't get it from Ebay, or you'll end up with yet another fake.


I'm guessing a RK097122008T would be the right replacement, but I'm note sure. You'd have to measure what's in there and compare it to the measurements in the datasheet.

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Turn the unit off and mechanically cycle the volume knob 20 to 30 times, turn the unit on and try it.

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