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For Sale: Headphile Darthbeyer VXD5

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For Sale:
Headphile Darthbeyer VXD5

Will Ship To: UK, EU

Headphile Darthbeyer VXD5

Beautiful and one of a kind. Bought these from Skylab few years ago, and haven't really used apart from couple auditioning sessions.


They are 600 ohm, extra deep cups for powerful bass, black-gold cable with furutech jack and J$ pads.


Condition wise they have a couple of minor scratches that are barely noticeable, and I wasn't able to focus it in the picture. Otherwise great condition.


I am situated in Leamington Spa, so if you are very interested, you would be welcome to come over and try them.


Looking for £500.

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I am more than just interested in buying the Darthbeyers from you.I prefer to come and collect them but Weston-super-Mare to Leamington Spa might be rather costly and bit of a pain to get to by train. Already i know that if i see and listen to them i will purchase them. I have just joined head-fi today so this all rather new to me. I prefer to pay a bit less for them say £475. Also if i deem it prohibitive to collect them the £475 will also cover carriage. How does my offer seem to you? 

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I have just reread your Darthbeyer advertisement and i have decided that i will pay the £500 asking price providing that it covers carriage . The reason for paying your asking price is because it must be a genuine sale otherwise you will not offer people the chance to try them out at your home. Thank you.

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