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For Sale: Grado IGI IEM Hardly used

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For Sale:
Grado IGI IEM Hardly used

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a pair of Grado IGI in ear monitors + all the stock tips.  Only one set of tips were used, these were disinfected, sterilized and micro abrased to remove a couple of microns off the top layer all around.  You could probably get a new pair from Grado if these are the only tips that fit.  I bought this to take on one trip but I have used it a couple more times.

These sound amazing.  They will blow your stock iPhone 5 Earpods and Beats Tours away.  INMHO, They are as clear and detailed as an SR80i or SR 125i but with a little more bass and a little brighter.  Since they are in-ear, you have more volume to play with and you may have to dial down your usual volume settings.  Sound isolation is good and these  do not leak too much sound.  If you wanted to take that Grado sound with you to the office or on a flight, these are just the thing. 


I will sell these for $ 75 shipped to anywhere in the USA.  For other countries, I will take off $ 5.00 on whatever shipping option you choose.  This will fit in a USPS Priority small flat rate box which costs $ 15.00 ($ 10.00 net to you).  First class mail parcel would be lower but i t would take longer to arrive.


I will ship anywhere in the world EXCEPT Italy, Brazil and the Philippines but exceptions can be made if buyer pays for extra tracking and insurance. I apologize, but too many parcels going to these countries never arrive.


Since this is only my third transaction, I will take extra effort to earn your positive rating.  Thanks for looking.

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