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For Sale:
2 Channel Beta22/Sigma22 with 2x Gain

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello all.


I am interested in selling my 2 channel Beta22 with Sigma22 power supply.  The asking price is barely more than the cost of parts alone.  This is a 2x gain Beta22 and features a 1/4" Switchcraft TRS jack, ebony volume knob, and Neutrik RCA inputs.  The Sigma22 features a sheilded SumR torroidal transformer and has a voltage selector to change between 115 volts mains (US) and 230 volt mains (S. Korea, Europe?).  All wiring in the Sigma22 and Beta22 is 18AWG silver plated copper.  There is also an umbilical power cord to hook up the Sigma22 and Beta22 that is 4 runs of the same silver plated copper wire covered in a nylon sleeve.  The casing is aluminum and the feet, made by Lian Li, are meant for a computer case but work very well on this case.  Please note that this is a class A amp and as such runs warm.


The case work is the only part that I don' think is perfect.  There are some small scratches on the case and the front of the volume knob, but they are very minor.  The scratches are kind of visible in the picture and are much harder to spot in normal lighting conditions.


The amp works great and has probably about 100ish hours on it and sound absolutely wonderful.  The gain can be changed, but I no longer have the tools to change it (any DIYer can easily figure out what needs to be done to change the gain).  This has a perfectly black background on my sensitive Dennons, but it a little too noisy for IEMs.


I am thinking of selling it because I think I can be satisfied with less and would rather put the funds I have tied up in this amp towards something else.


Also, here is a post where I get help from the creator solving the two problems I had with it:

Note that there are a few pictures of the internal of the amp and the creator has taken a look at the wiring and all suggested changes were implemented (forgot to ground signal to case to block out RFI).


The price includes Paypal fees and shipping, but please be a little patient on the shipping as I want to make sure I box it up carefully before I ship it out, which I may have to do on the weekend (I work full time).


I will be happy to answer any questions.  Please feel free to send a PM.


To add a few notes I have just thought of the last couple days:

-The dimensions of each case are 12" wide, 8" depth, 2" high.

-They weigh about 10 pounds together.

-DO NOT unplug or plug in your headphones unless the power is OFF.  Doing so can short out a couple things inside the amp.  This is not specific to my Beta22, but it a good rule to follow for every Beta22 (it is said that you can plug/unplug quickly, but I never took the chance).

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