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Graphene Headphones - Berkeley University

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A little news I thought I'd share.


"Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have created the first ever graphene audio speaker: an earphone. In its raw state, without any kind of optimization, the researchers show that graphene’s superior physical and electrical properties allow for an earphone with frequency response comparable to or better than a pair of commercial Sennheiser earphones..."




Research Abstract for the technical paper here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.2391


Best part about it: the graphene membranes were developed with a relatively simple (and presumably cost-effective) method.  According to another source the researchers used a Senn MX-400 as their comparator.






**Heading of the post should read "Graphene Headphones - UC Berkeley"....my bad - B

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This is very cool stuff!

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Am I the only one who feels that however interesting graphene is, they're talking less about the benefits of graphene, and more about the benefits of an electrostatic headphone driver design? Though, if they could produce a cost effective electrostatic, I would eat a shoe.
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Yes! I saw this.


Ever since i first head of praphene i thought about how PERFECT it would be for electrostatic/planar magnetic headphones.  A superconductor that can be manufactured down to ONE MOLECULE thick?  I'll wait it out until they've done more tests and companies have competition.


Super exciting!

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we don't want electrostatic membranes to be very conductive - it causes distortion - the ideal is for the charges to be stuck in place - can approximate the ideal at audio frequency with barely conductive surface treatment of  good insulator like Mylar

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