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Wanted: Title Upgrade

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Title Upgrade

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Yay! This is my 500th post, which means I can finally get beyond being a "100+ Head-Fi'er".


I thought long and hard about where to post...since most of my activity is in buying, selling and trading gear, I decided to post here...I hope no one is offended. atsmile.gif


Head-Fi has been a great resource and a ton of fun. I've enjoyed this community more than any other online community. Lots of friendly, helpful, polite and trustworthy people.


Today my AKG K1000s were delivered. Can't wait to get off work and give them a try!


Best regards,


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Congrats my friend!


Strive and hit that 1000!

Stay away from scammers/low post counts.

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I've completed hundreds of transactions here (my +112 feedback is only a fraction of the trades I've actually completed). I can't think of a single one that didn't go well in the end. Caution and common sense are definitely advisable, but my experiences here have only confirmed my faith that people are basically good. I'd like to give a big shout-out to anyone I've ever bought from, sold to or traded with!




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LOL. Never seen that one before. Made me (quite literally) laugh out loud. Makes for a nice pairing with your avatar...wink_face.gif

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Nice thread. GLWTS :)

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I think a custom title is in order for you wink.gif
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