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Hi I'm having the exact same problems. I've ordered on the go cables but neither work. I've used various USB to mini and USB to micro cables hooked up to the phone and Fiio E17 and nothing works. The DAC is just not recognized correctly. It seems International HTC One X with Tegra 3 chipset works fine but the Qualcomm ATT version won't work. I don't know what else to do. I've even researched various ROM to see if USB audio out is supported but nothing. So bummed. Tryout SoundAbout which helps direct sound to. USB host or USB client and nothing works.
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Damn it!  Damn it!  Damn it!  I bought a V-Moda VAMP Verza because it lists the HTC One X as compatible on their website but I'm finding quite the opposite.  I get the same message about charging.  Am waiting to hear back from V-Moda regarding the issue but I am afraid that it is a lost cause.  I have the US version of the One X.

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I got my HTC One X here in the UK April 2012. I bought an iBasso D-Zero USB DAC, plugged it in and got nothing. The Operating System was at Android 4.0. Looking in settings seemed to promise nothing high enough (i.e Android 4.1+) to enable USB OTG.


So I contemplated flashing a Custom ROM. Funny how all the sites basically say: here are the instructions but don't do it!


Anyway, to cut a long story short, someone said that the updates were incremental. So I loaded the update, then there was another, then another, then another... until I ended up at Android 4.2.2. Now my D-Zero is singing.


The only thing I can't seem to do is control the volume in PowerAmp, or whatever, once I have the D-Zero plugged in to the Micro USB.


Still some people are never satisfied: dead silence now too much sound...

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I also had issued connecting USB headset to htc one max. What worked for me was enabling developer options w/ usb debugging on.



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