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TTVJ Thief - please help

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HI All,


I finally have some major info on the thief who stole a pair of EAR509 mono block power amps (serial numbers 12391001 and 12391002) from me with credit card fraud. This theft along with the theft of the Apex Pinnacle left me in a very bad position. I am hoping someone may recognize this thief and we can get him taken care of as well as possibly getting the amps back... So if you have any info, please contact me or the Torrance police at the number in the bulletin below




These are the 4 best pics I have for mr sticky fingers





He's got my EAR509 amps loaded and taking them away...



The bad guy - hope he gets an orange jump suit soon!

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This just sucks.  I'm giving this thread a bump to keep it active... who knows if someone will recognize this scum bag.

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That's terrible.  So this guy must have put some serious planning into this :(  I've been ripped off several times off of our own forums, crazy to see it happen to a well respected vendor AND with mug shots as well.


Good luck nailing this guy Todd!

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That sucks Todd.

Maybe the pics will help nail the SOB.

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People just suck sometimes. Sorry to hear about what happened and hopefully they catch the terd that did this to you. 

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I hope they get him!
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That's not far from me.  I've been to pretty much all of the SoCal meets of the last 3 or so years and I don't think I've ever seen him before. triportsad.gif

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if only the cctv camers were clearer

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You might want to PM a few of the SoCal head-fiers in case they haven't seen this thread.  dallan, ipodpj, santacore, uncle erik, donald north, LFF, purrin, etc.  Maybe this guy has been to a meet and I just don't remember him.

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SoCal here, but I've only been to H3.  No idea who the dude is... sorry.  frown.gif

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This sucks. I guess that there will always be these kind of people. Hope you nail him soon.
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Do you have the IP address of the guy who bought the item?  Maybe he wasn't smart enough to cover that up and it could be matched to a user name on an audio forum.

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I hope you catch the scumbag.

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I really hope that A, the guy is caught soon and B, that the equipment is recovered and in perfect order. I know as I am self employed that taking a hit of that size can effect a business greatly.

Good luck with it and I hope all turns out, your a great company and I had a great transaction with you in January and will be sure to purchase again.
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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post



Do you have the IP address of the guy who bought the item?  Maybe he wasn't smart enough to cover that up and it could be matched to a user name on an audio forum.

Good idea.

Also this guy in the picture doesn't necessarily have to be the actual thief. He could just be a mule. Sure, identifying him could lead to the perpetrator but my point is that he doesn't necessarily have to be an audio enthusiast, just a boy next door. Obviously assuming he's not the actual perpetrator.

Hope you catch the SOB, Todd. 

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