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I'm noob here, I've a bose OE2 that I use most of the day to avoid my office noise. I love listening to Jazz & Blues primarily. I've a 160GB the current gen iPod. I get the feeling that the iPod doesn't supply enough power to OE2's. The reason I'm saying this is I find the same headphones sound way better when I connect them to my desktop that has a hi-fi audio card. So I googled up a bit about headphone amps and I found some really good reviews for Fiio stuff.

Do you think that a headphone amp would help better the sound quality on OE2 playing from an ipod classic?


PS:- most of the music i carry is of lossless format, m4a, converted from flacs. Each playing a good 1-2Mbps.




Forgive me if I'm awfully wrong... like i said I'm a noob, but I can differentiate between good lossless music and mp3s. :)