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Need advice for buying a new set of cans to match my HD598

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Hey guys!

So basically, I am in need of a new set of cans.

I am currently using the HD598, but when ever I need to listen to music quietly, play games with my friends without THEM hearing what my HD598 are saying, or even take them outside of home, I cant use them.

So I need a new set of cans, now.

It will mostly be used at home, when I am with friends online, playing games and listening to music.

Price is unlimited, but obviously, not too pricey.

I dont want headphones under $200.

Since I have done my research about a year or two ago, I kind of know my way around.

Right now, what I can come up with, is that I absolutly DO NOT want ANYTHING near the style of the DT-990.

My mate has that pair, he seems to like it, but the highs there are just garbage.

Squeaky, annoying and just.. Ehh.

I want something more natural, that is leaning towards my HD598's style.

All, besides the AKG's and Sennies, will be bought from eBay, since there are no shops for real headphones in here.

I was thinking something around a *used* pair of Denon AH-D2000, if I can find one new, that's better.

In addition, I am thinking of any Audio Technica headphones, I cant name which one, because I havent done my research about them, but they seem to be pretty good.

I was thining about the AKG K242HD, or the K272HD. They both seem pretty good, and I can actually go try them out before buying, fairly close to me.

One more thing I can think of, is buying a closed Sennheiser headphones.

My current setup is;

PC (MB sound card *planning on upgrading*) --> Little Dot MkIII (3) amp --> Headphones

Please, tell me what I need to add to my setup to make it better, besides a DAC.

What are the *best* headphones I can get for my price range, which is around 400$ ish?

Please note, those probably wont be my main set of cans, it will be used just for listening to music on airplanes, cars, and home (so they cant hear through the headphones).

Thanks all!

P.S, I forgot to mention what kind of music I listen to.

Mainly, I listen to Christina Aguilera (the old music, not the new cr*p), Alicia Keys, Adele, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Black Eyed Peas, Demi Lovato, Gwem Stefani, Katy Perry, Lana Rey, Kelly Clarkson, Mroon 5, Linking park, Leona Lewis, P!nk, PCD, etc.


Bass must be nice, not too overpowering; mids must be strong, warm and clear, it must have clear highs, not squeaky or ehhhh like the DT990, good seperation, and a big soundstage.

Thanks alot!

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Bump -__-

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Look into:


Mr Speakers Mad Dogs (modded T50RP's)

AudioTechnica A900X & A1000X

Denon D600 (or D2000 & D5000 if you can find them)

SoundMAGIC HP 100

AKG K550 & K271 MKII

Brainwavz HM5

Beyer DT770 Premium 250~600ohm (discontinued)


As for sounding better, focus on having absolutely high quality music, not compressed rips, no youtube rips, no low bit rate compression stuff.

Get off your motherboard as soon as possible.

And know that your LDMK3 is an OTL tube amp and has peak output at higher impedance, so getting low impedance headphones is actually not a good match technically. Research this concept.


Very best,

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+1 for soundmagic hp100. best sounding closed can up to 300$ in my opinion
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Thanks guys, more opinions tho, please! :D

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