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Ath M50s LE After A Year

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HI guys, it's been almost a year and today i felt like posting something on headfi :) My M50 are still doing great and are my first good cans so don't hate me for buying them, a lot of people said they were a good first pair of cans, so i got them for £150. I know i could of got them cheaper but i wanted to make sure they were legit, so i bought them off of the uk AT website. I had waited a month before i got the headphone because of stock delays and such but i got a free pair of earphones with the headphones because they were so late. I had the M50s replaced 3 times! because one of the speakers was louder than the other and the cable was faulty as well. Soon after burning the M50s in I started to notice that they sounded better after every song! I could listen to my music up loud without any sore sounds coming into my ears like previous headphones ;) I use them for playing my guitar and they sound great! The only downside or cons i have with the headphones are that the cable likes to tangle it's self, my ears get warm after 30 minutes of listening to music but inst a issue because 30 minutes  of music is a lot for me ;)  What do you guys think of them? please leave a comment and share it with me :P

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The ATH-M50 was one of my first serious headphones.  I still think it is an awesome buy.  The design remains one of the best in the industry.  I have had mine for many years and with a little leather lotion on the earpads they will probably outlive me.


They are especially fun when you are listening away at random and then hear a track that moves you because the bass is so deep it actually rumbles your head.  There are few headphones that sound as neutral as the ATH-M50 that can do that.


Great purchase!

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