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Headphones tend towards being fragile by their very nature.


First, just about every headphone has a tiny, thin wire leading

from the headband to the earcups.  Some manufacturers

leave this exposed (Sony MDR V6, Shure SR 840,

Beyer DT 880) but most protect it with some sort of

covering.  Still, that covering is almost always

thin and light (see 'comfort' below). 


Thus, the weakest link on headphones is very weak indeed.


Second, you've got parts that move - gimbals, hinges,

etc. - and those parts just can't be produced with

great bulk and solidity. 


Third, comfort is very important in headphones, so

they're most often made of plastics and polymers

which don't have tremendous strength.  Some strength

is exchanged for lightness and comfort.  Obviously,

no one is going to make a set of headphones out

of - for example - steel without moving parts. 


Some headphones are pretty durable as headphones

go.  They tend to be inexpensive.

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Ultrasone, sleep on them, drop them, get them sweaty, they just keep on working. Built like a tank and being able to put your head on the pillow while wearing them and be comfortable is a Godsend for those of us who like falling asleep to music.

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Bro there is no way on earth that any headphone will last u as long as the German maestro 8.35 d. I promise that any other hp mentioned next to it is completely laughable. These other suggestions can't come close.
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