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For Sale:
Phonak Audeo PFE122 Brand New Sealed!

Will Ship To: US


I have a brand new pair of PFE122.  Sealed from the factory ready to be enjoyed! haha.  I don't need them anymore and thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them before returning them.  I'm not really looking to make any money off them.  They retail for $200. Asking $175 or so for them.  Let me know in the next day or two before I ship them back or decide to keep them as a spare. haha. :-)


These come with the microphone iControl voice control thing.  Not the button controller, but just the microphone for voice recognition.  Excellent flat frequency response.  Extreeeeemely comfortable ergonomic design.


This is the EXACT same earphone as the PFE112, but the 122 adds the mic.  Verified this with the Audeo themselves.  They don't make headphones anymore!  (what a bummer)


Regular paypal only.  No gifts or trades please.



I have returned these and plan to use the money instead for custom tips for my er-4s!

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