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Just tried the Beyer DT250 pads on my ATH-M50

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So I've scoured through all the forum posts possible for mods on my ATH M50, and looked at/considered all the options for mods.  I removed the damping material behind the driver first, and decided that I liked that change, so I looked for further improvements.  I ordered the DT250 pads, and about an hour ago I just painstakingly worked them on, and gave them a shot.  

Super comfy.  Totally worth it in terms of ear heat and comfort, if that's all you want.

It's just straight-up bad to a trained ear imo.  The bass becomes overwhelming and boomy, the mids lose a lot of detail, but the highs seemed relatively untouched.  It sounds even more heavily mid-scooped than the ATH-M50's already are.  Seriously. That bass man, that bass.  It's freaking nuts how boomy and bassy the 'phones get from this pad change.


All-in-all, I'm going to look at returning the pads because when I put the pleather back on I had a "ahhhh, that's much better" moment.  I was trying to convince myself in my head that my purchase was worth it and I was trying to hear good changes, but I just knew it sounded congested and bloated and had to give it up.  I hope I can help anyone who's on the fence about this.


Happy hunting!

EDIT: Oh, and feel free to weigh in with your opinions of ATH-M50 mod combos if you have any personal experience.

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Out of curiosity, how hard are the pads to put on.....or more specifically, how do you change out the pads from stock ATH-M50's to the DT250's?
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Okay, no need to respond, I figured it out. At first I thought you had to unscrew the four screws that hold the plates together and I could never get the screws back in after I put on the new pads. However, I finally discovered that no I assembly is required. All you have to do is work them around slowly and.....viola. Once I figured it out, I had them both changed out in three minutes and they feel wonderful?
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