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Just found about it, and did a search on here, nowt  - anyone heard one ?



As the industry's leading portable high fidelity products manufacturer, HiFiMAN HM-603S portable Hi-Fi players since its launch, with its audio quality, portable body and good ease of use, has been subject to consumer concerns, but the price also makes some of the fancier "look and sigh". In order to make more fancier to enjoy HM-603S quality sound performance, HiFiMAN recently launched 2013 HM-603S, dedicated to meet the needs of more fans.

High quality design

New 2013 HM-603S, HM-603S design and sound quality before the full performance. Its features include:

NOS 1, Philips TDA1543 chip do (non-sampled) decoding, said carefully, improving the level of high and low frequency extension and detailed replay.

2, Power used in the HM-801 ear drop, greater thrust, is committed to better promote high-and low-sensitivity headphone system.

3, power output increased at the same time, allegedly kept for 10 hours of continuous play time.



Good ease of use

2013 HM-603S and details of product upgrades and adjustments in the fuselage. Includes:

The new Logo has been replaced, back increase in Chinese, a Chinese model added to the fuselage.

Built-in Flash memory capacity adjustment is 4GB. Even with the lossless WAV format, 6 CD can still be small enough to fit entirely in the fuselage. At the same time, users still can be obtained through an external SD card slot expansion capabilities.

Cancelled generally users seldom use USB-DAC function, that will save cost for returning to consumers.


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I ll probably be in the market for this. I was about to purchase the Cowon J3 but it's discontinued and has no real successor.

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I can't see how it varies from the 601?


I'm guessing it's the slim version of the 603, but without the usb DAC function



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It have a stronger amp than the 601, hifiman implies that it is as strong as 801. The serial also notes that it is slimmer than the original 603
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Do you think the line out is the same as 601 ? Or is that improved ?
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wanna ask,how musch the SQ / the Analogue Sound if we comparre with Colorfly C4 ???

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