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high impedance...

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Hi everyone. firs I'm so happy found this forum.

May be my question will be silly to somebody, but I'm confused little bit.


I'm gonna buy headphones. and with that came so many issues..

I have audio interface m-audio firewire 410 and that devise has two headphones outputs with volume controls. 

I realize that if my headphones has high impedance (over 32 Ohm)  I need an amp.


And the question is - is that enough to plug them direct to m-audio, or I really need an amp? 
if so, how should I connect it?

I would appreciate if someone can help me. 

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First off what headphones are you looking to purchase?

Just an FYI 32ohm headphones are not hard to drive and could easily be driven off your computer or laptop or what have you. High impedance headphones are anything 120ohms and up or 300ohm and up. 


If higher end audio is something you are interested in getting more involved with then i would recommend getting a starter setup. Unfortunately I have no experience with M-audio firewire but i would highly recommend Schiit Audio Modi Dac and Magni Amp. It will run you about $230 after all said and done but its a GREAT starter stack and hard to beat that for the money.


Modi runs directly from your computer via USB then the output is just RCA to Magni. Its a plug in and play setup and significantly improves your listening experience compared to just plugging into your computer. 


hope this helps 

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Oh, thanx. That helps a lot. 
  I havent decide what kind of headphones to buy.  I'm thinking about German Maestro 8.35D  actually I wanted  dbi pro705, but it's hard to find them.


So I see they are not high impedance.  
I meant if I will use an amp, can I plug it into my audio interface in headphones output, or it's better to plug amp in other usb port

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you could probably get it to work through your m-aduio piece but you dont want too many amplification pieces or units to have a higher impedance on the signal. I would recommend using a USB signal out to a DAC then an digital (RCA) from the DAC to an amp like Magni or your m-audio equipment (if it has an audio input cause it sounds like your m-audio device has a headphone jack out...

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