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For Sale: Sale: Q701 M50

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Sale: Q701 M50

Will Ship To: Australia



Everything is sold, thanks for your interest guys,


On a side note, I handled Australians first.

Fostex TH-900 -  SOLD 

Sennheiser HD650 - SOLD
Audio Technica AH M50 - SOLD

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!!!!Why don't I live in Australia?! GAH! Good luck with the sale.

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I know right? Ive got my eye on that hd650. Move to usa please biggrin.gif
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Why you both complain? Did you ever seen prices in Europe? :D

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Ygpm. Interested in the q701 and the m50.
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I'll take the HD650, PMed :D

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Sennheiser HD650

  • Info: Perfect condition, used for about 30 hours, comes with all accessories including 3.5mm adapter.
  • Asking Price: $150




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That's what I call Aussie love, awesome!

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Oh man. Let's hope this PM gets there before 100000x others do.

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I don't see how these have lasted 12 hours! Great deals! Somebody hurry up and take those HD650s before I fly to Aus and buy them myself!


good luck with the sale!

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PMed this morning and so far no response.


Hopefully i hear from him.

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sorry for the late responses, i've got incredible interest for all my headphones, please note i'd prefer to deal with Australians first, thanks

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Not a problem, no surprise you've had a huge response! Thanks for the update. How many messages did you get, out of sheer curiosity?
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Sadly these deals are for Aus Head Fi'er only. Btw those who are selling the same headphones might cry.

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