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For Sale: FS: ATH-W1000X

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: ATH-W1000X

Will Ship To: CONUSA

For sale is a pair of ATH-1000X headphones in like new condition. I bought them factory refurbished from Sound Professionals about a week ago and since then put maybe 10 hours on them. The headphones came factory sealed straight from Audio Technica. The headphones have no sign of wear and look brand new. They don't come with an original box but they come with an original insert as shown in the picture. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees. Will only ship to CONUSA. Please no trades.

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Sale pending.

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Sale fell through due to unavailability of buyer's funds.

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MINE, glad I found this. I just returned my Mad Dogs! Seriously though, Pm sent payment will Follow as soon as he responds! Jumping on these as fast as I CAN! 

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q.q I wish I had gotten these instead of my Mad Dogs, the reviews of them are quite awesome and some exactly like what I'm looking for... so HURRY up and pm me back :3


also why are you selling them? The why is always my favorite part of a sale, also RESPOND TO ME. This $300 is BURNING A HOLE IN MY WALLET... it hurts SO MUCH q.q 

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Sold to Mshenay.

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Originally Posted by musicisthekey View Post

Sold to Mshenay.



and they cost me teh SAME as my Mad Dogs... stupid me for buying mad b4 I reaserached. 

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Originally Posted by Thracian View Post




Sorry to rub it in your face but OMG perfect timing for me WOWz


On THAT day I hated my Mod Dogs finally after exactly ONE week of having them AND I got them like 4 days late [us ps screwed me on delivery] an not to mention when I found the thread the first buyer had already screwed up his chance :O


Right time right place, me guess's it was meant to be!


I'll post impressions for you though <3 <3


I will also be using the same Hybrid Tube as you [except mine is modded] 

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I was ready to blow my HE400 on these just because they looks so freaking nice. Mathes my Heir 8.a's wood. GIMMIE THE IMPRESSIONS. Buydig has them $399 but I would rather buy the at the refurb price...btw if you don't mind, pm me the price u bought it for?
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What hybrid tube am I using O.o I use my RSA protector or my audioGD 10.32 o.o
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