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Help me choosing

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Hey :)



I am looking for a new pair of headphones. They need to be under 525 dollars (353 GBP)


I am going to use the headphones for pretty much everything. Gaming, music at home, music from iPhone, skyping, movies... everything.


They need to have/be the following:


Closed back (i don't want people around me to hear what i'm listening to)

Little leakage

Not very old headphones, I want to be able to Google the headphone and not see old links

Good frequency responses

Good reviews

Over ear cups

Comfortable (gonna use them for long sessions)


I am planning to spend some money on an amp (would be nice if you link me to one that is good)



I have done some research and I have considered the following:


Denon AH-D2000

Sennheiser momentum black

Audio Technica ATH A900x

Bose quiet comfort 15


Beyerdynamic custom one pro

AKG K550

AKG K551


Hifiman HE-400 (open back, I know)

AKG Q701 (open back, I know)

AKG K701 (open back, I know)

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What sound signature do you prefer? Neutral, bright/analytical, warm/bassy?


The best closed backs I've heard are the Maddogs by Mr. Speakers. The perform better than the cheaper denon d2k and even the d5k for that matter. They hit a lot of your check boxes: closed back, comfortable, good reviews, very little leakage, over the ear ect. 


They are $300 plus shipping. A good amp to get for these entry level is the Schitt magni/modi combo which runs $200 plus ship...right at your budget and would be an outstanding setup. This gives you dedicated amp and separate dac.





Welcome to headfi!! Sorry about your wallet. biggrin.gif

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I don't quite know what signature I like best for headphones sound wise... call me a noob if you want haha tongue.gif


Great suggestion for headphones and amp, I will most likely get them both :)


Welcome to headfi!! Sorry about your wallet. biggrin.gif



Hahahahahahhah, funny guy gs1000.gif

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It would be a tremendous start. These headphones compete with MUCH more expensive offerings. I'd call them one of the best bang for the buck headphones in the game. And the have a 14 days no questions asked return policy. biggrin.gif



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cant find very many reviews on the web, is it quiet new to the market?

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also, could you link me to the Schitt magni/modi combo ?

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I thought the amp combo was 200$ the one you linked is 99$ ?
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Sorry, im a noob. So i need the dac and the amp to get the most out of my headphones?
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The dac will make quite a difference and this combo for $200 is a very nice deal. You don't HAVE to have it, but it will make a nice difference. 

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Thank you very much good sir. I will buy all 3 products.
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You will be a happy camper. biggrin.gif


Shoot me a pm when it all comes and tell me what you think. I wish that I could have started with the setup you'll have. rolleyes.gif Most people spend at least a couple grand in different hp's and gear to get to the point you'll be at.



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Thanks again, ill pm you when i get it all smily_headphones1.gif
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How does the Mad dogs compare to sennheiser momentum?

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