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Headphone internal rewiring question

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I am finally rewiring my takstar headphones and was wondering if you guys could answer a quick question.

These are single-sided headphones, so this is the left side which has the cord coming into it. The red, green, and black the green is left channel, the red is the right channel and the copper / black is ground.

As you can see, the wiring for the right side headphone is opposite, where the red and ground wire and connected to the ground and red wire. Why is this? isn't it supposed to be red + red and ground + ground? is this correct how its wired? because my last headphone as far as I remember the red wire connected to the red wire going to the right side phone.confused_face(1).gif
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I just tried

this http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_stereo.php

and this http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php

The right headphone overpowers the left one, when playing right channel the left one makes no noise however when testing the left channel the right channel makes more noise. is the wring wrong?
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swapped them to red to red and ground to ground. still seems to be slightly overpowering?

come on, somebody gonna help me or what?
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Ahem, I think that what you see on the picture you borrowed from my website (you are welcome) is actually that the ground wire is either the red or the green wire and the black wire carries the signal for the right driver. The pad the black wire goes to is solely for the assembly to have an easy place to join the thick signal cable wire with the thinner signal wire running through the headband to the right cup.


Test with your DMM what colour wire is used for what signal.

Tip -> Left signal

Ring -> Right signal

Sleeve -> Ground


That should help you sort out the wiring. I believe I wondered about their odd choice of wire color scheme when I modded the phones, but I usually check with my DMM so I never had any problems. I wouldn't exactly call it "incorrect" wiring, though the choice of colour may seem odd.


Although I haven't quite finished my writeup, you might find some more pictures here: http://www.mcfrede.dk/projects/takstar_hi_2050_pro_80_design_review/takstar_hi_2050_pro_80_design_review_01.shtml


I hope this helps?

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