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RP1 TT connection to my Beyers and B&W MM1

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Hello guys,


Always great to return to this forum , best one by far!


Ok so i had a discussion when i first came into this forum about what cans i should buy. Ended up purchasing the Beyers DT880 (250ohm) and i am driving them with my cheap but good ( Ocean Bravo tub amp) which i am very satisfied.


I recently purchased a TT Rega RP1 and decided to go vinyl. I am not into vinyls so thats why i am turning to you guys ,to help me with your expertise and good knowledge.


1st scenario : I want to play my RP1 with my Byers . So if i have understood correctly from reading about it i would definitely need a  phono Pre amp to amplify the signal of the Rega RP1 . Then i can connect it to my headphone amp ( Ocean Bravo ) through an RCA cable , then plug my beyers onto my headphone amp and i am done right ?


thats my first question and PLEASE correct me if i am wrong . :)


I have a budget under 200$ for the best phono pre amp out there and i would like to ask what good audiophile phono pre amp there is under this budget.


2nd scenario and the one that bothers me the most. I do not have any speakers yet but i only have my computer speakers ( B&W MM1s) which i am extremely satisfied . I have connected them to my imac through a usb cable and i play mostly FLAC files and can say it was one of the best purchases i have done. Been using it a lot and i am very satisfied . ( dont know if you would agree or call me a noob here but this is my humble non-expert opinion :) )


so i need to connect my Rega RP1 with my MM1 to play through loudspeakers when i want to. and HERE comes the problem.


If i have undestood again correctly i need to have my phono pre amp ( which i will purchase anyway because i want to listen on my headphones) , and i will also need an Amplifier for my MM1 s ?


Or to put it another way , how can i connect my RP1 to my MM1s ( the B&W MM1s have only an AUX input and then USB which i dont think its an option ) I am not sure if the MM1s have a built in amp.


For the scenario 2 i have a budget also of 200$


So please i would love to hear from you guys and suggest what the best option here given the budget constrains ( theres always some constrain isnt there :) )

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Hmm, I'll try to give you some solutions as I'm not familiar with the B&W MM1 speakers.


Yes you'll need a phono preamp to connect it to your Bravo Ocean amp. The tube amp has an RCA input and RCA output, therefore, just connect your turntable to the phono, and phono to tube amp.


Your MM1 speakers can be connected straight to the RCA output of the tube amp. Since I don't see any switches there to choose the output (headphones or line out) then it will probably power both the speakers and headphones at the same time. If the MM1 has a volume control (of course it does. right?) or power control, you can turn it off if you don't want to use it.


Turntable > Phono preamp > Bravo Ocean > Headphones/Speakers


If the MM1's aux input is a mini jack, just buy yourself an RCA to mini cable. Something like this.




As for your $200 budget for a phono preamp, can't really suggest. BUT, some people swear to the TCC TC-750 phono stage as being one of the best performers below $100. I own it myself, but I can't compare with anything else. Used to own a Pro-ject Phono Box MM, despite being a little more expensive, I hear no discernible difference.

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thank you so much for the time and effort ! Really apreciate it . Since the time of my post i purchasd also an integrated amp that has phono outpts too, its the Denon 710AE. I ve been able to connect my headphone and i already bought the RCA to AUX hifi cable. I am now waiting to arrive to connect it to my speakers ( although i am saving money for some small speakers like the B&W 685 )


But there are more problems with the truntable , i believe i should list them in case someone here knows why/anything that my poor knowledge cannot provide :D


1)When i have turned on the Denon and pick up the tone arm and move it in the air , i keep hearing hissing/crackling noise . Is this normal ? I mean i havent even put it on the vinyl and keep hearing that distinct noise in my headphones . Is it because i purchased a second hand RP1 and the cartrige (performance pack so it has a Rega Bias 2 cartridge ) is somehow broken or has picked up dust or another reason


2) When i move the tone arm close the the centre of the vinyl with my hand i can hear distinctively a sound ( like an magnetic sound , dont know if that makes sense ) but that sound can be heard only when i move the tonearm very close ( almost at the centre of the platter)

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Denon 710AE should be a great integrated amp for you. But do note to connect your MM1 speakers to the Preamp out (labeled PRE OUT) and not the speaker terminals or the headphone out.





MM1 is already active, meaning it has an internal amp, so if it gets amped by your Denon it will be double amped and double amping is bad for your equipment health.


Magnetic sound when moving the tonearm to the center? Is the cartridge installed by any chance a Grado? Generally Grado carts look something like this




1: Check your turntable grounding. If ungrounded it will produce a humming or buzzing sound. The ground terminal the is screw above the Phono RCA connector at the amp.

2: Check other equipment interference. Try to isolate the turntable and amp from other electronic equipment. Even touching the RCA cable on the turntable could sometimes cause interference.

3: Check all connections whether they are to the correct terminals.

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i have the Rega RP1 performance pack with the  Rega Bias 2 cartridge. The problem with ground is that although Rega tells that the grounding cable is integrated with the power plug ( so it doesnt have an extra cord ) it still  needs grounding.  Someone suggested that i should take a wire and attach it to the tone arm and the other end to the signa ground of the Denon.


i dont have any other electronic eqipment near the setup . the cables are all connected correctly. to stop the humming noise i think the las solution is to follow the advise above , meaning to attach a wire to the tonearm ( wrap it around ) and then connect it to the grounding of the amp. I dont find it an aesthetic solution but at least this is something .I dont know though if i need to wight again the tonearm.



The thing that worries me though is when i move the cartridge in the air i can hear some crackles but they stop after some time. Of course when i am playing the record i cannot hear them but i am afraid that my cartridge may have a problem and deteriorate the sound quality. (although i believe its great)


about the magnetic sound , i dont know the reason when i move the tonearm to the center , why does it sound like this .Is this happening to you too. ?

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That's interesting. From my experience humming/buzzing is almost always a grounding issue. I found a possible solution for you from a person with almost the same trouble - since you mentioned yours is a used unit, this might happen through the years.




I don't know if the P1 has the exact same setup as the RP1, but I experienced a similar problem with my RP1. After many experiments, I finally removed the end stub from the tone arm and discovered that the copper strip which must stay in contact with the tonearm to ground it had come loose and was bouncing around inside the tonearm. Reseating the copper strip so that it was held in firm contact against the inner surface of the tonearm dramatically improved the grounding and more or less eliminated the hum I was experiencing. Eventually, I ended up rewiring the arm for a dedicated ground wire, but that is another issue...

Though I don't know whether you'll need to rewire the whole tonearm again like this dude did.


Also, the magnetic cart sound. No it doesn't happen to me, but it did happen to other people. Some possible reasons is that your cart is probably defective, or the connections are compromised.

Is there any way for you to swap the cart with another one? Probably a friend who has a turntable too or something? It might not be the reason, but we'll try to eliminate the possibilities one by one.

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