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Originally Posted by pondrr View Post

I've listened to the hdtracks version, and I think it sounds phenomenal, but partly because I've been listening to the very low-res leaked version for a week...
I avoided the low-res for a reason ^^, the music (ofc in hd) is great smily_headphones1.gif.
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I can confirm the CD and 88.2khz are the same exact masters. That is to say they have the exact same dynamic range compression (or loudness war compression). Not that this album is not well produced and mastered, it's just you'll get more dynamics out of vinyl if you dont mind the noises that come with that technology.


It's really a shame unless you see paying about 2x for twice as many samples but no additional dynamic range worth it.

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The RAM has a Dynamic Range of 8, according to the dynamic range meter.

It's pretty good compared to some modern albums (often around 6).

I don't mind slight loudness compression, this helps to get a more consistent volume across album, or squash meaningless peaks.

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Pretty happy with this album so far (on vinyl).  It came the same week my DAC is out for upgrade: perfect.

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I am hoping to order mine soon from HDtracks, however my friend has the vinyl and she says it is much better than the redbook.

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