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For Trade: Like new factory refurbished HD598

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For Trade:
Like new factory refurbished HD598

Will Ship To: Con US

Received these refurbished directly from Sennheiser in a warranty exchange in early January. They have around 100 hours on them and still look new. I don't have original box since they were refurbs, but I can include the CASEBUDi Headphone Case, a Grado 1/4 to 1/8th adapter and the headphone holder that comes with the HD595's. 


I love these headphones for jazz and vocalists, which I listen too a lot, but since I recently got a pair of Shure SRH-940's I have found I like the extra detail and treble on the Shures for these genres more and the 598's haven't got as much use. Since I also own a pair of Ety's, I've found that all my headphones have a somewhat similar sound signature and I would like to try a bassier "fun" can to listen to all the other genres of music in my collection that have been ignored more when using headphones.


Interested in DT770 LE's, DT990's and DT880's. I know the 880's are a stretch, but would be willing to put some cash on my end if the trade was right. Willing to trade for older headphones if they are still in good condition. Looking for 32/80 and maybe 250ohm versions because I don't have the money to upgrade from my fiio e10 at this time. Willing to consider other trades if you have something else.

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If it's worth anything, your E10 will be easily able to drive the 250/600 ohm headphones loud enough.

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Ya i guess a 250ohms or 80 ohms would probably be ok, but I feel that with the 600ohms although it might be loud enough it wouldn't be enough juice to really get the most out of the headphones and it might be a little while until I could afford a Magni/Modi stack or something else that would do the headphones justice

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