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I'm on my third MX518. I don't think I'll ever buy anything different.
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My favorites so far are the Razer Abyssus and Coolermaster Storm Xornet. Not because they are lasers, but because they work well with my fingertip grip(not many high end mice do).

Out of the five mice I've owned I'd probably rank them:

1. Coolermaster Xornet
2. Razer Abyssus(Would be perfect if only it had side buttons)
3. Thermaltake Theron
4. Logitech G500
5. Cyborg R.A.T. 7(so many adjustments and all of them uncomfortable...)

Logitech are top when it comes to CS though. I traded my RAT for my G500 and it arrived pretty badly beaten up. I contacted them and they sent me a brand new one in the box despite the fact I was the second owner and it was way out of warranty.

For anyone whose interested the G500 and Theron are for sale. I'll probably put them up on OCN or Techpowerup this week but if anyone here is interested shoot me a PM. And if anyone knows of a good high-end fingertip grip mouse please let me know. biggrin.gif
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I have gone through so many mice i feel i have no option but to reply....

In order these are my favorite mice......

1. Original 1990's 1 button apple mouse.

Not a whole lot of features, but nothing was quite the extension of your hand as it.  Weight, balance feel and accuracy were all there.  No need to adjust a thing....  unfortunately for apple they moved to the hockey puck style mouse and its been a race downhill since.


2. Rat 7

Awesome, fantastic, accurate, adjustable and all.  My only gripe is the lack of sidewall towards the rear area where my pinky normally wrests, no problem if you dont "claw" your mouse as I do.  Build quality is top notch, comfort is top notch.  Even the programming features are great.  Loved the mouse so much I ended up buying the keyboard (strike 7) and think it is the cats meowwww.  THis is my current home setup...  strike 7 kb and rat 9 mouse (i dont like wireless or id have the rat 7).


3. Logitec GSeries (430 i think it was) mouse

I love this mouse.  Id probably still be using it with my laptop had I not accidentally dragged the cable out the car door for about 10 miles....   usb cables and 60mph pavement dragging dont go well together....


4. Razer Death Addler

Great.  Took my hands forever to get used to it, but once the cramps dissapated this was my goto mouse till the gSeries mouse.


5. Thermaltake TT

I havent had much time with this mouse, but i got one for my buddy to use on his rig i built for him.  I really like it.  I bought it because he really wanted my mouse, but microcenter didnt carry, it looked similar (which is all he cared about) and I got it.  I was surprised how nice it was.  I didnt expect it.  After working on his computer for the setup i really didnt want to let it go.  Given time I think it would climb higher on this list, but i didnt give it enough time to be critical so here it stands in last place but maybe undeservingly.


Other Razer Products.....

I really didnt even want to acknowledge the razer line in this but the death addler really is a nice mouse.  As for the rest of the razer line, they suck.  Ive got 4 or 5 in my closet and i hate them all.  Buttons are just miserably located, weights are all wrong and i swear their mantra is simple "make it look cool".  It works because I have 4-5 of them in my closet and only one ever saw real use, but as for comfort, cool makes absolutely no difference.   have sworn myself off the razer product line.  It is like getting used to a new torture device.  Some hurt me so bad after a few hours of work, I could not go on. 


Other quick notes....

To be fair I am a big handed... well actually a huge handed individual (easily palm a basketball) and work in 3D computer animation AND a heavy gamer as well so I put a lot of critical movement into a mouse.  From precise slow accurate clicking to wc3 strategy clickfest gaming to fps games, i put my mice through hell and back. As for how you use your mouse, well, YMMV as always.

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I was in search of the "best gaming mouse" but it's all really subjective.  It really all depends on games you play and what you want the mouse to do for you.


Logitech G518

I enjoyed the use of this mouse but I felt the need to get another mouse for my MMO multibutton use.


Logitech G9x

Very good mouse however wasn't good for me,  I like to palm my mice so this felt a little too small for me.


Logitech G700

Great mouse, this is my travel mouse.


Razer Deathadder Black Edition

I love this mouse for the shape.  I found it great for FPS's.  If I were to recommend any Razer mouse, this would be it but the 2013 version.


Razer Naga Epic

Has a lot of buttons but I hate the Razer Synapse software and drivers.  For some reason it didn't work for me.  Mouse is a little small for my hands and my thumb struggled to even reach 3 of the 9 buttons on the side.


Corsair M95

Current mouse I use and so far I'm liking it.  I hated having different mice for different genre's of games.  I'm anal like that.  I play a mixture of FPS and MMORPG's so the extra buttons placed on the side help.  It's not as small as the Naga but not as large as the Deathadder.  A happy-medium, I tend to like larger mouses but I'm adjusting to it.  The programming of buttons is not as intuitive as other software but once you get the hang of it, not too bad.  I have yet to experience the bad issues people are saying of this mouse. 

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I started with a RAT 7 but just couldn't get used to the design.


Moved to the SWTOR Razer Mouse. Wasn't bad, but not great.


Ended up with a Logitech M570 Trackball. Though not technically a gaming mouse I love this thing. I find that being able to flick the trackball left or right instead of having to move your hand or arm is just more efficient in FPS games. And additionally since switching I've noticed alot less wrist strain. Only problem is if you don't move the mouse for a few minutes it seems to go dormant and lags for a split second after moving it. For most people this isn't a problem, but for anyone that snipes that split second is difference between pink mist and having to respawn.

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Do they make a good mouse that is both wireless for general duties and wired for gaming accuracy? I realize you need wired for the best performance but I hate wires in 2013!

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The wireless mice from Razer that have been mentioned here are very good, and the plethora of extra buttons is useful for things like photoshop once mapped. Im more of a fan of the above mentioned Logitech.

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I have used Razer mices; Diamondback, Lanchesis, and Mamba. Mamba done the work best for me, it's design is just perfect for my hands and it's not too light as the other two.

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Originally Posted by Cla55clown View Post

Do they make a good mouse that is both wireless for general duties and wired for gaming accuracy? I realize you need wired for the best performance but I hate wires in 2013!


I use the Logitech G700 for this. It can be hard wired but the wireless is great when traveling. That said, I personally hate "laptop" mice because they're just too small and uncomfortable after any short amount of time. So with the G700 being large, quite so actually, it feels much better in my hand. Logitech has since come out with the G700S, which has some minor upgrades and cosmetic tweaks. If you don't like big mice, then these probably aren't for you.


The Razer Mamba is also dual wireless/wired, but I was less impressed with the overall contour of the mouse.

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Originally Posted by Cla55clown View Post

Do they make a good mouse that is both wireless for general duties and wired for gaming accuracy? I realize you need wired for the best performance but I hate wires in 2013!
As mentioned before, there's the Naga Epic from Razer. It's got dual wired/wireless mode. It has a lot of buttons (it's like a numpad on the side of your mouse) for you to customise for gaming and non-gaming purposes. Whether the buttons can be comfortably and reliably reached may be an issue; it's one of the biggest complaints about the mouse, other than the software. I think the Logitech G600 does a better job of that, but it's wired only.
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I've used many different mouses of various brands as a avid gamer (fps and moba/aos mostly) ranging from $15 moueses to $100 mouses and I always find myself coming back to Logitech's G1. Don't know if they make it in the US anymore. I think it was remodeled and sold with a keyboard combo as G100. I like the mouse because it's exactly the same as the G1 except for a difference in a higher dpi and a button above the wheel that allows you to change dpi setting right away.


Compared to other mouses I've had, I would say this is the most durable, reliable, and most reasonable price/value mouse I have used.

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G9, MX518 and the original Microsoft Intellimouse (or MS Habu) are the only well regarded fps gaming mouse around. Have used DA mouses and not fond of them due to the rubbish software used and the typical early mouse break-down's you see plagued all over other forums.

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I agree with Defqon- I use a MX518-- Its nice to hold has a solid click extra buttons and hasnt let me down yet.

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Roccat Kone XTD

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Here's my favorites:
Mionix Naos 3200/5000/8200

Razer Deathadder 2013

Razer Mamba 2013

Razer Naga 2013/Naga Epic/Naga Hex

Steelseries Sensei



Accidentally made the list in perfect alphabetical order XD

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