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New tips for sp51p?

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Anyone know if the shure olives or comply foam tips fit the mee sp51p? I can't find a local store to try them and would hate to purchase the tips online then not fit :/ If it helps, I tried Sony hybrid tips I used with my old M6's, way too small of a stem/core! Much thanks :3

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Our Engineers have tested the Meelectronics SP51(P) earphones and have found them compatible with our Comply Foam 400 series of tips (S-400, T-400, Ts-400, Tx-400, Tsx-400).  The S-400 tips are available in Target and some Radio Shack locations carry our T-400 tips. 


Otherwise if you wish to order from our website, I can provide you a coupon code you can use toward your product purchase.  Just shoot me a private message.


Best Regards!



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Thanks I really appreciate that. For anyone else that has the sp51's, I found some monster super tips locally and am currently using the foam super tips. They are a little hard to get on and a little stiff at first. Driver flex is still an issue, so I'll be trying the comply tips next.
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