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I'm currently an active producer/songwriter living in Seoul, Korea, working by the name of RhyChi (NOT North Korea!)

(Don't worry... you haven't heard of me just yet! But you will in the future! biggrin.gif)


My goodness have I got some great resources from this site alone from googling. Almost everything I google redirects me to!


Before I ask any questions, I really have to thank all the hard work and dedication

of the people who are passionate and willing to build

something of their own and take a step further by sharing their information as well.


Working in the field of music, (and I'm sure in any other field) it's really difficult to "share" something you've taken the time and effort to learn.

But is one of those places on the internet where good resources and information are submitted by the friendly users.


Okay, enough about the "ass-kissing" wink_face.gif


I've read the rules of DIY and I have no intention in selling any of my DIYs.

If I do reap good results of my project that I'm about to do, I will most happily post it on


I've researched almost thoroughly on how to build your own IEMs and I've seen some amazing DIY projects here.


UV curing acrylic? That is some crazy ****!


But there is one thing I'm really curious and confused about and that is the schematic of the transducers.


I've searched all over the place for this but to no avail...


I own a couple of in-ear headphones from Shure, Westone and others and when I took apart my Shure headphones,

I've seen that Shure seems to use transducers from Sonion. (At least the logo seems to match, to my knowledge)



What I'm attempting to build is a 4 channel IEM, two on each side.


I was especially inspired by marozie and his amazing results but couldn't seem to find an actual schematic of the build itself.


I was wondering if any of you out there have some keen knowledge as how to put together a decent pair of transducers.


I understand there are countless ways to put together a pair of transducers,

but I want to be somewhat clear and say that I'd like to have results that maybe are up to par with Unique Melody Mage (if I really had to bring up an example).


I know I'm taking up on a big journey here (almost feeling like entering Narnia or something) and I would greatly appreciate your help on this matter.


Thanks for reading this long thread and I wish you all the best!