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Dayton OH- Elizabeth Place- March 16th Sat. from 9am-xxxx

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Short notice if interested pm and I'll give cell number. http://www.elizabeth-place.com/location.htm Will be using the Chapel on the ground floor, to the right of the lobby entrance. Gear car will be just inside lobby door. Pull up to the "A" awning structure and unload. I'll find out if we can park around the drive or if we need to park in the lot. Free.

Coming into the campus on Edwin Moses Blvd you will turn on Albany rd. That will take you to the entrance to the west campus entrance marked "A" and has a concrete awning for patient dropoff. Just pull to the side under the awning and there will be a couple equipment carts to help. Enter the front entrance and go to the right. As you enter the elevator lobby you will see signs for "Chapel". Follow around to the room and claim a table. Please bring the cart back around for the next person and then pull around to the parking lot in front of the drive. It's free. Anybody need assistance, my cell is 812-525-4418.

Happy Camper
Eee Pee
28980 (possible)

Anedio D2
Audio GD Master 7
Lynx Hilo
Schiit Modi
Tubemagic D1

Rotel RMB-100
Nelson Pass F1J
GS-X (possible)
Singlepower Extreme +
Mjolnir Sorry
Little Dot MKIII
A-Gd Master 3

HE-6, 500, 400, 300
HD-800, 700, 650. 600, 595
Q-702 65th An. Ed
Mad Dogs w/A pads
Pro 900
Custom One Pros

I have missed a couple pieces from some of the later entries. Let's just say we have a lot of gear and space so come on down and let's see what this stuff is all about. Thank you Head Fiers for making this happen on such short notice. Outstanding citizens.
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Yay! Should be a fun. What time are we planning on starting in the morning Dave?

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Up to Darryl but since he's an early riser, I'd assume 9ish. We can stay as late as we like and if we want an earlier start, it's good.

Maybe stick the thread title in your sigs. for notice.
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I can definitely come out there if people are interested in what I have. Unfortunately, it's not on the same level as the other stuff .. HiFiMan HE-400, HiFiMan HE-300, Shure SRH750DJ, Sennheiser HD-595, Schiit Magni, Schiit Modi, Little Dot MKIII, Fiio E17

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We can always compare the 400s to other stuff.  Also what plays nice with the M&M stack and what don't.   


Come on out..

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If you have an interest in the sound, gear or conversation of audio, you're welcome.
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I may be there, and if I am, I will be bringing my Stax SR-303 and SRM-Xh amp. There is a possibility of me bringing an O2 and ODAC as well.

I won't be there until 3:30PM at the earliest, however. I'd prefer we didn't start super early and then after spending $40 on gas getting there, everyone having already left.

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What say you gang? I'm in for the duration.
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A meet within reasonable driving distance of where I am?  I'm there!  I'd likely arrive between 9-10, but probably couldn't stay for the whole duration.  I'd be there for at least a handful of hours.  I don't have much, but I can at least bring an HD650 and a Schiit Valhalla.  Can't really do much as far as audio sources unless someone actually wants me to bring a turntable that desperately needs an upgrade.

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I'm game..

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I'll come by; first meet for me. I don't have much to offer, but Mad Dogs with Alpha pads, rented Ultrasone Pro 900s, rented Beyer Custom One Pros, and a grab bag of misc. junk that'll make any setup sound great by comparison. I'd love to try the Mad Dogs on the Magni/Modi stack and O2/odac as I'm nearing a purchase.
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Good chance the Headamp demo for the STAX SR-407 and SRM-252S and the Pico USB DAC arrive at my place tomorrow (Friday) and then I could bring it to the meet. If I am able to go (lots of stuff going on right now), it would probably be around noonish and I'd be there for a few hours.

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Looking forward to the Mad Dogs with the Alpha Pads on some good amps..

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I'm probably looking forward to giving the hd800s another shot. Though I wish I could hear them on the mjolnir...and also hearing what the he-6s sound like on the Master 3
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