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For Sale: AKG K550 like new

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For Sale:
AKG K550 like new

Will Ship To: Continental USA

PENDING SALE (just so no one gets disappointed) 


Hi everyone, I'm glad to offer my AKG K550's that have about 20 hours. Price includes shipping. They are too light for me after getting used to Beyer T70s, plus sound lacks the bass character I want. I've been around head-fi a lot, and now I hope to establish a good reputation as a seller as I have several more pairs of cans I will need to get rid of once I have good feedback :) (This is why I'm sorry but for this posting only I'm only willing to ship continental USA! Better chance of quick and smooth transaction, will do international with my other pairs.)


The original box will be included as well as the 1/8<->1/4 adapter.


Paypal is fine. I have really good ratings on Amazon on eBay if you would like to see my accounts there since this is my first listing here. I hope an experienced buyer/seller will take these off my hands cause again I want to establish a good seller reputation :) with this first sale.



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What do you mean when you say "too light"
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Exactly that. You almost feel like there is nothing on your head in comparison to some heavy BeyerDynamics I have. The advantage to light weight is that I guess you can wear them 12 hours per day. The advantage to heavy is tigher seal even without high claming force due to gravity. And more inertia if you turn your head rapidly? I dunno. Personal preference.

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Free bump.  I'm from Ohio too...  Akron/Canton area.  What part of Ohio are you from?  You can PM me the answer if you prefer.

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