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"Cheap" Aune T1?

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I just saw this Aune T1 for @$140 on eBay. Is this a scam? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aune-T1-24Bit-96KHz-DAC-Hi-Fi-Decoder-With-6N11-Tube-Headphone-Amplifier-Pre-amp-/200880585685?pt=US_Home_Audio_Amplifiers_Preamps&hash=item2ec56a7bd5  It is $50 less than most others on sale.  I'm eager to try out a tube or hybrid DAC/amp with my 'new' (refurbished) HD 558s but I can't spend much. I don't want junk though. I'm currently using a Fiio E7, which seems fine, but I'm eager to check out tube sound. Suggestions?

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    I am using a T1 with a pair of Grado SR80's and it's a nice little setup. the DAC  section is what encorporates the tube from what I have read about it.I had mine shipped with a 6922EH instead of the standard 6n11.

      The build quality is excellent , switches are solid ,fit and finish is great,and the volume pot is very smooth.At $149 ,it's a great deal if the shipping isn't too expensive.I bought mine in Canada through Springwater audio, great place,just below the $200 mark with the tube upgrade.

Maybe not the lowest price a trusted retailer with good service.

     It also has 3 gain control settings ; 0db,+10db and +16 db. USB is plug and play through my laptop with windows 8.

            Soundwise ,It's a big step up from just using my onboard soundcard and although my Grado's don't necessarily need an amp ,they do benefit from it in a big way.I have no other experience with external DAC/AMPS so I can't really give you a comparison.

            I'm a huge tube fanboy from my guitar background ,which drew me to this like a bear to honey. The exposed tube with the underlit led(indicates the unit is on and ready for use as there is a 30 second warmup period when first turned on) is a conversation magnet(cool factor)                     I don't think you can go wrong with theT1,there is another forum I think in the UK that has more discussion on this.      


                              If you get one,post back here and tell me what you think.  Glenn

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Thanks Glenn & Oldson. From what I've read I want the T1 rather than the Hi Fi Man EF 2A. I was just concerned that the price of $140 USD is so much less than the other sales sources which are over $190. This makes me worried that there might be something was "up" with the seller seeing that they aren't listed as used or refurb. Perhaps I will take a shot anyway.

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If their seller rating is in the high 90% with enough transaction history,I wouldn't worry.In Canada I've seen pricing for $178 CAD which is very good considering we seem to pay more for just about everything.

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I paid $188 for mine and that included shipping. $140 Sounds about right , if it's used. If not, there have been some complaints on a few models having loose parts.

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The price of the Aune T1 have increased on the last months, i assume $150 is a good price with stock tubes. If it comes with aftermarket tubes, it increases a bit. 


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