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Issues with Beyerdynamic DT 8800 250 Ohms

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So, Ive had these DT 8800s 250 Ohms since a couple months now and i must say that the soundstage just doesnt seem to compare to the Audio Technika A700 which i tried before the DTs.


I am running them on a Asus Xonar Essence STX 2.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001P9O894/ref=oh_details_o08_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1



To be more precise, the Audio Technika seemed to truly bring out the single instruments, brought them to live, which felt quite moving.


The GT just doesnt seem to do this ? I am clearly inexperienced in terms of audiophile equipment but the DT just feels like there is a lid on them.

They dont sound terrible mind you but not amazing either it seems. I am wondering if I need an Amp on top of it, at this point i am considering selling the DTs and going back to Audio Technika.


All that said, the DTs certainly have the best build quality and comfort I have ever seen.



Any advice ? Are the DTs just not ment for that kind of finesse listening ?


Like i said, I suspect i am not driving them properly even though that card is pretty good.

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The DTs are pretty easy to drive, which isn't to say you wouldn't benefit from an amp. However, it sounds to me like you're inexperienced at judging headphones and looking for a spectacular, over-etched sound rather than a natural one. I currently own the DT880Pro and find it a very natural, lifelike headphone (I also owned/own the Audeze LCD-2 and HiFiman HE-500). It doesn't try to be "spectacular" or project a huge soundstage where one isn't present in the recording. Don't forget that when music is recorded the engineers don't place one microphone on one side of the studio and another on the opposite side, and headphones with wide, exaggerated left/right soundstages are simply not accurate. Listen to the DT880 and ask yourself if this sounds like the real thing rather than, can I hear every individual instrument separate from the others in a hugely wide soundstage. In reality you don't hear that kind of separation. 


I haven't commented on your ATs as I can't determine from your description which model we're talking about: the ATH-AD700 or ATH-A700, which is closed back. I once owned the AT-AD700 and found it over-bright with little bass and a sucked-out midrange. I've never heard the closed-back model.  

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It is true, I am inexperienced in this regard, you raise some interesting points.


I had the ATH-A700 for a try. Your correct though that it was the instrumental separation and wide sound-stage, coupled with crisp and detailed sound which impressed me so much. The Dts just didnt offer me that wow factor so far.


I am a bit at a loss to where to go from here. I should want to own natural sounding cans, since i listen to a variety of music (electronica and instrumental) and game alot on them aswell.


Still, the A700 were able to bring forth unnoticed feel and color to my music, I was hoping the DTs would have the same effect.

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I'm hoping someone will jump in here with some practical suggestions. In the meantime it would be useful to know if you want open or closed phones and what your budget is.


As an interim suggestion, since you liked the ATH-A700, you could try the A900. These are also closed and should be rather more refined but in the same ballpark sound-wise. Thing is, you don't say where you are and what phones you might be able to audition. Meantime I would continue listening to the DT880 because it really is a great phone--in fact used by many audio engineers for mixing. That doesn't mean you have to like it; it's just an indication that it is somewhat balanced and neutral.  

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