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Bose IE2 vs EarPods

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i´m thinking about replacing the EarPods that came with my iPhone 5, because they dont fit in the ear properly (my left ear canal seems to be too small^^)

Quality wise they are OK as I have better headphones for home use.

I do NOT want an isolating IEM!


So the question is, should I get Bose IE2?

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Sennheiser mx980/985 I think

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The Bose IE2 is like 3x more expensive than the earpods. If you can get past that, sure, go for it, personally I am a Bose fan.


Before you buy, go to a Bose dealer/showroom and try out the fit for yourself, because the IE2s have a very unique fit. You may or may not like its silicone tips.

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IMO they are great for genral listening and they offers dynamic punchy bass, good vocals and instruments extention in mids, bass region. But under that budget Klipsch Image X10, UETF10Pro, JVaC FXD80 are even greater in term of soundquality and easy to fit.

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Klipsch X10 FTW!!!

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the Klipsch is more expensive than the Bose... at least in Germany smily_headphones1.gif

Also I said that i need non-isolating earphones. I would have an IE8 otherwise smily_headphones1.gif
But as I mainly use my earpods while walking home from school I wanna be able to hear something smily_headphones1.gif
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Non-isolating? That would be a strange criteria. Can they isolate a little bit? :P


Neither choice would be really ideal for the money. Anything in regards to sound preference? Preferred genres?


Access to online dealers/stores or just strictly local?

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Well, I dont know what you mean with "a little bit" xD I just wanna be able to hear the police horns and so ^^


sound preference: At home I have a Philips Fidelio L1 which I like very much. But I know that this warm-sounding signature is not possible with non-isolating earphones ;)


preferred genre: (punk)rock


online dealers: As long as I don´t have to import them from outside the EU its no problem

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push smily_headphones1.gif
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The IE2 leans towards the warm side.  They are pretty polite and a tad veiled.  If you have trouble with the earpod though, the IE2 may not be that much better for you.  The tiip is a little smaller, but not by a lot. 

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The IE2 are very comfortable and secure and are at least as good as the earpods depending on what you like. While they sonically are not quite as good as similarly priced IEM's they are not bad and do offer a unique combination of open design and earbud/ear canal form. Even though I own several more expensive IEM's and generally sell of equipment when I buy new I still own my IE2.
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I have IE2 and Earpods.


Pros of IE2

 - Better quality of sound

 - Fits well in to your ears. Easily can be used while jogging, walk etc. it won't fall down.

 - Better build quality


Cons of IE2

 - Quality of sound is good but while looking at price point Earpods are much cheaper

 - You can get a decent quality sound with Earpod.

 - The bass level of IE2 isn't that great (when comparing to original IE)


I would say load your iPhone/iPod with various songs (highest quality possible) then try these two and look at the price and decide.

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I own both also. You could try putting a foam cover on the earpods first. That seems to improve the fit.


That being said, I use my Bose IE2 more than any other IEM or headphone I own. The comfort and lack of isolation fit my needs most often. I also really enjoy the sound. I was an IE owner and those failed after about 3 years. The Bose store sold me a new pair of IE2s for half price as I was out of warranty.


I know Bose is a bit unpopular here mostly due to the poor reputation of Bose speakers and the premium pricing. The Bose line of headphones is a little overpriced but not horrendously so.

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In India sometimes it's hard to find some small stuffs like a foam cover!

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