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For Sale: FS: V-MODA CROSSFADE LP Headphones

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

To start with: I've owned these headphones for about a year and two months now. They were my first $150+ audio purchase and I've loved them for quite a while. V-MODA's ridiculously good build quality has made these headphones look almost like they were brand new despite having probably over 500 hours on them. It hurts to sell them, but since I've heavily upgraded my home/portable setup, these will likely never see head time again.


For info, these will include the original packaging and all related accessories. The packaging itself shows slight Due to the heavy usage of these headphones, I've gone and replaced the earpads with brand new ones (never been used) and replaced the audio-only cable, which had started to fray in certain areas, with one of the brand new V-MODA cables which are much softer and flexible than the old ones. I still have the original 3-button SpeakEasy cable, which almost never saw usage as I didn't use this with a compatible player. The headphones themselves will show slight usage in the form of fingerprint smudges due to the material being very easy to mark, but I will use a fine cloth and keep them as shiny as I can. One issue to note, which is one reason for the low price I'm selling these at, is that the left side doesn't click into place when being adjusted. It's a decently common issue and the headphone stays in place once set so it does not affect comfort or sound quality.


The headphones themselves will look like what's pictured, but with white earpads instead of black and shiny black shields rather than croc skin black. I can upload pics if requested.


I'm asking for $50 shipped within Canada for these headphones. I'll consider shipping internationally, but any shipping will be on you to cover. Payment should be made using Paypal +3% or use gift if you wish to avoid the fee.


Feel free to PM me with questions or comments. 

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will you share some pics of it?

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Originally Posted by fenrir35 View Post

will you share some pics of it?

I can. Pics shall be up later tonight when I've got a camera to use.

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Hmm, I'm kinda tempted to pick this up just to do another ortho transplant... 

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hey i sent you a message, do you still have the headphones? id love to buy them.

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Sorry everyone, listing temporarily closed. Anyone who PM'd me please check your messages for the reason.

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