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Am I nuts?

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I sold my wife's SE535s on the sale forum on 2/24. I received the PayPal payment ($299 gross, $290.03 net) and informed the buyer it would take a few days to send them out as I was traveling. I sent them out Priority with signature confirmation.


Three or four days passed with no word from the buyer so I sent an email to see if he was happy with the SE535. A couple of days later I receive a reply that he had not received the IEMs yet. I told the buyer I will contact the PO and initiate a claim. I said I would refund if the SE535 were not received in the next day or two.


Nothing received. I told the buyer I would refund on March 7. I was actually swamped at work (PayPal is blocked and you can't refund from a smartphone) and sent a full-refund this morning; $299 sent ($290.03 net to buyer)


Buyer cancels refund (refunded) stating I did not pay him in full. Buyer asks for a refund via PayPal gift so that he's not hit with the $8.97 in fees.


I received $290.03 net ($299 gross) from the initial transaction when buyer paid me on 2/24. Now he is demanding $299 NET; as such, he has denied the refund I sent.


Comments? He's stating he will go to PayPal and request that he receive $299 net of fees.

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Hmm, I thought Paypal credits you the transaction fees if you fully refund his payment.

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Ugh. Mea culpa. I could not send refund via bank as i had switched banks and had to use a card. I owe the buyer an apology!
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That guy is a jerk, and IMHO you're being way too easy on him.

What kind of agreements did you make regarding postal insurance?

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