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Bought at Russian federation the headphones ...I bought for myself for the amount of 1500 rubles ($ 50)I wanted to get all of the design, put in a box for at least a week.Good condition with no cracks or scratches.I say excellent.Ear pads are covered with pantyhose.And in front of driver - tights for computer club was prepared something, LOL ...Listen with X-Fi Elite-Pro, the card itself.With tights seemed muffled.Deleting koggotki, set transparent grid before the driver, distortion ... and non flat frequency response (?), not comfortable hearing.Moreover when removing lip, they porvali.As a result, packed in a box.Seeking info on the amendments.I do not understand how to remove the cup with a fork.


I thought that they have a common gist with the product exactly 1994.


"But the real gem is the 565 Ovation from around 1994, which you never see these days, maybe because owners never sell them."


Found only in Russian..


It seems not a standard driver diaphragm material.

Note the bronz color of pistons



Instructions written in 05/94, is not an indicator?


Art. Nr. 00193R, sn. 24472629


More photos in the album on the link -



From Russia with google translator, using simplified language of the simple words (for translation), be one!

Thanks for your understanding!

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