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For Sale: Ipod LOD 22" long

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For Sale:
Ipod LOD 22" long

Will Ship To: conus

Selling off some stuff. This is a 22 inch long ipod LOD, I used this with a 5.5generation ipod video and an ipod touch 2nd gen. I don't remember if it works with iphones and 6th and 7th gen ipod classics since I sold them a long time ago and had a few LODs.(although if it works with an ipod touch 2nd gen it should, right??)*shrugs*

Has a Palics plug and it's sheathed, very nice quality, and I'm sure the cable was made by magical elves that live on the dark side of the moon...rolleyes.gif

$30 shipped and Paypal. conus shipping only!

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