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Beats SOLO HD vs SOL Republic Tracks HD

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http://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/beats-solohd/beats-solohd,default,pd.html Beats solo - 199.99


http://www.solrepublic.com/headphones Sol Tracks HD - 129.00


Yes, I know that on these forums these headphones are not that regarded well and I know that too (I'm actually a owner of Shure's 440s) however, I am getting either one of these pairs for a little sibling who likes them both. My question basically is are the beats Solo HD worth the extra $70?


Also please let me know if there is a similar alternative to these for cheaper or similar price that is


-on ear


-detachable cable

-remote for iphone

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If you're looking at just those two headphones, you won't get your answers from a forum that's concerned with audio quality. Maybe you can educate your sibling about audio quality? Many of us started like him, thinking we knew what we wanted, but realized that there were things so much better once we started learning more about headphones.

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V-Moda would actually fit your requirements, and won't break in a few months like Beats. But there are better options out there, speaking strictly sonically.

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Noontec zoro.
Or a set of fake beats, many of them sound better that the real thing
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Don't waste a penny on the beat solos. If you're buying them purely for style, then buy a fake pair.


In terms of sound, build quality and comfort, there are many brands out there that sell models in the same price range that blow the beat solos away.

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Get the Ultimate Ears UE4000. I guarantee your little sibling won't regret :) 



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Okay so it seems like Beats Solo HD are not worth the 70 dollars more than the SOL Tracks.


That being said, are the SOL tracks HD worth the asking price? Or even the non HD version for $90?

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I like the Solo HD, I mean I bet that Dre's made tons off it and I can see why. But the fact is, I'm sticking with my Bose QC 15's because they're the same price and SOOOO much better. SOLO leaks too much. I don't need my family listening in to "Sexy and I know it" or whatever

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The zx700 beats those two in every single way ..... just kills those

And its 80 bucks - No brainer 

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That must be a joke right? :)

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