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[Review] Brainwavz R1 vs M5

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Hi, this is my first review in Head-Fi and also for my first dual speakers earphone L3000.gif


After I used my Denon C360 for 2 years, as I knew the brand of Brainwavz in some ways, I decided to try some new things for entry-level earphone.


First, I bought M5 for its "clear and detailed" sound description. But after a few day I found it cannot fit to my style with Cowon i10 player.




Brainwavz M5 - Punchy and rapid mid-bass created very dynamic feel on pop music.

Brainwavz R1 - Smooth sub-bass and mid-bass doing a backup role for the whole music.


Mid/ Vocal:

Brainwavz M5 - Vocal with narrow soundstage with a little dull colour

Brainwavz R1 - Vocal standing a little behide as a small 'V-shape', the soundstage is much wider and clear.



Brainwavz M5 - Shape treble make it very noticeable to listen

Brainwavz R1 - Smooth and clear enough to listen 



I feel that M5 is a special tuning earphone that all sounds are rapid-in and rapid-out, the mid-bass part is enhanced as too punchy in some music with vocal (stronger than Denon C360). The worst for me that vocal is sound like singing in a can with zero soundstage, R1 did a more expressive vocal part then M5. I appreciate M5 did on rapid guitar fingerpicking as you can listen to each note's texture very clearly. The colour tuning of M5 is diffferent form M1-4, it seems some part of frequency are enhanced or reduced so it produce 'clear and balanced' sound in both 3 tiers sound stage.


Generally, R1 have a more linear tuning in all-round frequency, wider soundstage and more musical enjoyment for me. R1 would be my choice in daily use. I can listen there are 2 drivers sounds which it can beat M5 in various music. I really looking forward for R2 if it's still an entry budget dual dynamic over-ear. bigsmile_face.gif



* Additionally I found the stock silicone tips cannot make me feel comfortable in R1, so I use the OEM Sony EX700 style silicone tips as I did it on Denon C360 before.




Sony EX700 tip is better on me.


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Need yr input ... i like my iem with impactful bass sharp treble n good soundstage like yuin pk3 . My other fav also include Soundmagic E10 and JVC HAFX1X.

Also have Soundmagic PL50 but dont quite like it because bass is very laidback n too balanced sounding for me ...boring i think is the right word.

Between r1 n m5 ...which do u think would work for me ...thanks
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Actually I feel R1 have more nature bass response. Bass in M5 is sharped and over enhanced in some low frequency range.


PL50 I agreed it has a flat response sound feel.


So I still recommend R1 is a valuable earphone as which give you a 2-cores sounding.

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Thanks ...what about the treble btwn the two ....with pl50 sometimes the treble just becone too much overpowering on some tracks that it hurt my ears that i would change to another iem ...too sharp tooo forward

As for the bass ..for me it has to present ...diff iem have diff sound texture i m not too picky on that ...but it has to be with oomph ...

For soundstage n separation ...what r yr opinion on these two..

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Originally Posted by Wokei View Post

For soundstage n separation ...what r yr opinion on these two..



For soundstage definitely R1 win and it has all-round frequency response than M5.

After 5 months daily listening, I still comment R1 is a comfortable sounding earphone than M5.



Actually I don't understand how's the selling point of M5 in the market. (closed soundstage and punchy mid-bass, but not in low-bass)

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hi intersonic!


can you make a comparison between the R1 and sony mh1c?


i like a bit of a warm+sweet bass heavy, good sound stage, airy iem. 


what iem would be better for me between the two?

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