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For Sale: 120GB 5G iMod + ALO Audio iMod V2 Cable

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For Sale:
120GB 5G iMod + ALO Audio iMod V2 Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a 120GB 5.5G Red Wine Audio iMod and ALO audio iMod V2 cable for sale.  Both the iMod and cable are in very good condition and have seen very little use since i purchased them back in December 2011.  The 80GB version on red wine audios website (which includes the same cable) is being sold for $699, so I'm thinking $450 is a fair price for this combo. (send PM if you think im out of line here! regular_smile%20.gif )


I'll cover shipping within CONUS - if outside of the US, let me know and I will send shipment costs!  Thanks!

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That's a dreamy product.  Glws.  

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Sure is. My iMod almost makes me look forward to plane trips.



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Thanks :)  I just haven't been putting it to enough use to warrant keeping it.  


It is still available, although I have several folks considering purchase in PMs. 

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it's me I just sent you pm couple of minutes ago.

It seems that I have reached the daily pm allotment. 

Here is my email address: and please contact me.

Thank you,

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