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you either had the cap in backwards, or a bad cap.

tantalums do things like that.


or your power supply was way over 15 volts.

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Thanks Kevin. 


Checked the cap, it was in correctly, + towards the ground.


I had checked the rails several times before connecting the PSU and during operation and I didn't see any really high voltages, so unless it spiked for some reason I'm hoping that wasn't it.  I did see some voltages around 16V but assumed that was OK?  Those caps are only rated for 16V so not sure what they can take...


So, hoping I just had a bad cap.   Unfortunately I didn't have spares and also took out a resister in the power supply (which hopefully saved the pass transistor).


Parts should be in hand in just a few days.


Still no word on the transformers from CineMag!

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If you followed the BOM then it was a tant.  Personally 'd never use them as when they fail, they really do fail properly.  I'd get some Wima MKS2's if they fit.  Even the 10uf is surprisingly small...

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It was an impressive failure for such a little part!  basshead.gif


Craig mentioned I could increase the size, I'll see what I can find from Wima that might fit in there.

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What is the pitch?  If it is 5mm then even the 10uf/50V MKS2 cap will fit given enough clearance around it.  You could use a much larger electrolytic for this (100uf) but I prefer film caps for this role given how quick they are. 

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I think it is less than 5mm, but plenty of room.

I went with slightly larger tants and changed the Zeners to get my rail voltage down a little. I'm still at slightly over 16V on each side, but everything is running fine now.

Bad cap, maybe...?

Cap coupled until the transformers show up.
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How about Oscon or polymer? tongue.gif


I think 16V is too tight, 25V+ for safty.

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Personally I would go with 35v rated tantalums and run 30v rails
Much more fun that way
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Let's hope the whole amplifier doesn't catch fire this time.

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Originally Posted by kevin gilmore View Post

Personally I would go with 35v rated tantalums and run 30v rails
Much more fun that way


Yeah, +/-15V is a bit low for the MOAR POWAH function. 

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My Cinemags showed up and the pin spacing is off and the diameter is a little large.  I'm working with Dave (and Craig) to see if we asked for the wrong transformer configuration or if he sent the wrong one. So if you haven't ordered yet, you might hold up for a day or so while we confirm the BOM etc...

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It looks like the right transformer should be the CMLI-15/15PCA. http://cinemag.biz/line_input/PDF/CMLI-15-15PCA.pdf 


The pin spacing and diameter looks right.  


Cinemag is sending a few over to replace those that they already sent, awesome customer service BTW.


I'd expect Craig to update the BOM accordingly soon.

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Ive received my BOM 2 days ago, it said CMLI-15/15PCA on it.

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Cool.  That's the right one.  It's been updated.

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Anyone got any impressions and or comparisons to dark star?
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