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Waiting for parts list...

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me too

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I've got one on the way as well... but I'm in the UK so shipping takes longer.  I've got no need for it, but I want to build it anyway!


I've got the schematic, BOM, and instructions already.  I've asked Craig if he's OK with me posting them (out of courtesy), of course I fully expect we'll see it all up here soon.


The BOM makes things super easy, essentially everything for the boards is available from Mouser except the transformers, complete with part numbers. Other than casing things up this should be a pretty straight forward build for a beginner.  


I'm definitely going to go transformer coupled on my build.  

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Way to go, Chris. smily_headphones1.gif
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Actually I just ordered everything it turns out to be about $195 for parts including transformers, excluding case work.  


YMMV in the US, I used Mouser UK, but that should be a pretty good ballpark.

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Still tempted, but looks like it will be $300 before casework if you need the input transformers.  $200 without them.  

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Subscribed. popcorn.gif

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Would like to build this but am thinking that a Crack for my HD600 would be a better idea for me to start at DIY...unless this amp + HE-6 = awesome value/awesome rig!!!


Somebody please try it.  bigsmile_face.gif

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Crack + HD600 is awesome but like yourself waiting for first impressions on the Monolith.
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Here are the schematics, BOM, build instructions and input transformer specifications.


The amp schematic shows the two ways the amp can be built with the same circuit board. It can either be made as a cap coupled amp, or as a transformer coupled amp.  R5, R12 are not used if the amplifier is wired with cap coupling.





Monolith Amp Board.dch.pdf 52k .pdf file





Monolith Power Board.dch.pdf 28k .pdf file




Monolith Power Board-BOM.pdf 44k .pdf file




Monolith Project Assembly Instructions.doc 386k .doc file




CMLI-15-15B.pdf 211k .pdf file
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Is Craig ok with the BOM and such released for those that don't/haven't purchased the board's?

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Yes.  As per my previous message I checked with him prior to posting it.

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Ahk cool. It'd be really cool if Craig offered an enclosure for sale that matches his other amp's. 

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I'm shopping for an enclosure now... beats working.  wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by shipsupt View Post

I'm shopping for an enclosure now... beats working.  wink_face.gif


I plan use two Hammond 1455 series, one for amp and another separate power/transformer. 

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