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How bad could these cables be?

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I was looking for some short RCAs to connect my incoming Schiit Magni and Modi DAC/AMP, to be used with a pair of AKG K550s at work, being fed about 70% 256kbps AACs from iTunes Match, and 30% local ALAC files.   To be sure, my work environment is not a critical listening setup, but even with 256kbps files and NO DAC/AMP, the AKGs sound pretty awesome.  


I ordered the PYST cables from Schiit, but last night I saw these on eBay, which are probably nothing special, but again, the source music isn't perfect.  And they're not red like the PYST, which I find kinda ugly.  I've also seen that the PYST need to be tied together to prevent the top unit from tipping up.  Not ideal. 


For $10 shipped, they can't be great, but given the source and the setup, how bad can they really be?  Any guesses?


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if they work, they are great as far as I'm concerned. Cables don't tend to move much and they're not easily damaged when placed on a desk.

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They look pretty decent to me. And they do say "premium" in the title. wink.gif

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Those connectors remind me of a style that Monster used to use - they're kind of a pain to attach/remove (once they're on, they're ON), but like parall3l and matt said - if they work, they work. smily_headphones1.gif
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