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I've been reading Audioholics website for a pretty decent amount of time and I find them to be refreshing. No ******** going on over there. They tell the plain honest truth and they help you steer away from ******** products based on lies and snake oil. Their older articles are classics. If you have a background in STEM, then it'd make sense to you if you don't already buy into the snake oil ******** that gets the attention of audio reviewers looking to make a quick buck off of your stupidity. AVS Forum is also another pretty good place to get the real deal, but they tout some pretty insane things like $1000 HDMI cables and other ******** you don't need.


Keeping it real, yo.

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Thanks for sharing this. The reviews look to be as good as you say from the few I've read. However, the Audioholics store does carry overpriced cables which raises some concerns.



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I've been banned permanently from the Audiohlics forum because I had the gall to point out that room EQ doesn't work as well as their reviewer stated. I was totally polite as I explained that viewing the LF response with 1/3 octave averaging hides all the details. But he had no rebuttal, so all that was left was to censor me. mad.gif

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